October 03 2022

We have improved our website. Our website is now one of the unique Mu Online CMS powered by Webengine! We have also updated a full strict SSL connection with Cloudflare to enhance our web security.

We will continue our server updates with the improved website. There are still configurations that needs to be updated within the site modules and guide mappings.

Currently servers are open for testing. We have set up base experience for the server in Valhalla. We have not wiped previous data as we are testing web configurations with the data. Current and new players can create accounts and test with the updated experience. Once the server will open tentatively in November 2022, all data will be wiped.

We will be working with guides in accessing the Workshop server. We are dedicating this server for our item and stat building guide.

September 25 2022

Please be informed that our Webshop has been removed. In replacement, we have created a dedicated server for item guide and testing. The Workshop server has been added in the server list just below Valhalla server. All players will be able to use commands to create items to test various PVM and PVP builds. Detailed guide for Workshop server will be posted soon.

Valhalla server will be undergoing a closed beta phase. Data will be wiped out in preparation for the upcoming hard rate server. Current and new players can connect and test in the Workshop server while waiting.

September 20 2022

We have updated our server and client files. Please redownload the new client file to connect to the server. This update enables the following:

  • Post Item

    • CTRL + Right Click item in inventory to post information in chat.

  • Right Click Function

    • You can right click items to equip and unequip. You can right click items to place in chaos combination, seed assembly, etc..

  • Pack and Unpack Jewel Command

    • You can use the command /pack and /unpack to combine and uncombine jewels without Lahap or Raul.

  • Other client changes

    • We have other client and server file changes that we will post on later guides.

We have not wipe any information in the server in this process. We are continuing to redevelop into a non reset - normal stat market driven economy server with the new set of files. New and current players are invited to test the current settings.

Current Setting Overview:

  • nExp: 10x
  • mExp: 5x
  • 10% Item Drop Rate
  • Default Boss and Event Drop Configuration
  • Max 2 Excellent item options
  • Non Excellent Ancient, Divine, Guardian, and Socket Items
  • Max 3 Socket Item Slots.
  • Max 3 IP Connections.
  • Non Reset - Normal Stats

Open for PVP Test
In case you would want to test pvp and items in the server we enable the webshop and certain player commands.

Link: https://mushop.nofeara.com/
New accounts created will have 1million nCash to spend. Players will be able to buy max items in Webshop. Purple, pink, and yellow enhancements can be made in game as bundle jewels are provided in the shop. Seeds and socket items are sold in the shop as well and can be assembled in game.

Test Player Commands
/evolve - Use this command to automatically change character evolution.
/setlvl - Use this command to automatically set character level to 400 and Master Level 220.

We also invite players to take part into our forum community.
Link: https://mu.nofeara.com/forum/

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Server Info
VersionSeason 6 Ep3
ExperienceBase Exp (1x)
Max Level620
Total Accounts302
Total Characters365
Total Guilds8
Online Users:3
Castle Siege
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Registration period for Mark of Lord
Current Stage

1 days 18 hours
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