November 26 2022

We have a slow development for our game server since real life projects are coming in, however our server is still open and in continuous development. We have not yet posted GM Trainee recruitment but we will do so once parameters have been set. Official opening of Valhala is still not going to be available since GM Trainee and beta has not been started for Valhalla. Workshop server is always open for testing.

November 01 2022

Below is the raw video on the overview of the workshop server and the item table for workshop codes. All players can access the workshop server and the data will not be wiped even in Official Opening of Valhalla Server. The workshop server will be a dedicated server for Item and Stat Build Test.

The timeline for Valhalla Server will be as follows:

November - December 2022
This November we will be posting for GM Trainee Recruitment. GM Trainee's will then undergo certain requirement which substantially involve game experience for more than a month. In-game parameters will be used for the pointing system as well as player psychology . We hope to produce 5 well-verse Game Master's for the server in the process. A separate thread details will be posted.

Valhalla server is also open for players to test and play. Valhalla server data will be wiped on December 28, 2022.

During this time we hope to produce detailed guides on event and boss drops. We will also configure the server drops and features that we can use for the server.

January 7, 2023
Nofeara Mu Online Season 6 Ep3 - Valhalla Server will officially open.

Other Updates:
Party Search Removal
After careful test and observation, the Admin has decided to remove the party search function for the server. The feature is not functioning well and we are looking on just leaving the normal party request setup since /trackpt command will already help players a lot. We will try to implement and configure /setparty command if possible but higher chances that we will just default to normal party request setup.

~Nofeara Mu Online
October 11 2022

We have updated our client and server files with the following changes:

Party Search Function

To activate party search function of host, use Keyboard key "J". You can set password, level, guild, and class parameters.

You can use command /partysearch to warp directly to party search NPC to join party.

Flying Dragon Event Effect

We have also enabled flying dragon effect to mark maps with Great Golden Dragon and Red Dragon Boss.

Graphic Accelerator & Monitor

RTT, Ping, and FPS monitor has been enabled in the client.

Minimap & Server Time.

MiniMap has been improved and Server Time has been Added. You can still access the Full Map with spot marks using "L" Key. Server Time can be toggled on and Off using "H" Key. Minimap can be toggled using TAB key

To insure client connection, new client must be download. We have already updated our download links with the updated files. Server will continue on development...

Stay Tuned!~
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