Updates Redeveloping Nofeara Mu Online VI

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    The administration has decided to convert the server into a market driven community. We will be modifying the current settings and configuration for this reason. This update will take weeks to months as we wanted to fully develop guides & readvertise the server with complete details.

    • nExp: 10x [Max 400 level]
    • mExp: 5x [Max 220 Level]
    • 10% Item Drop Rate
    • Default Boss and Event Drop Configuration
    • Max 2 Excellent item options
    • Non Excellent Ancient, Divine, Guardian, and Socket Items
    • Max 3 Socket Item Slots.
    • Max 3 IP Connections.
    • No Webshop
    Temporarily the server is switched into PVP Mode while configuration changes are done in background. Current and new players will be able to buy max items in Webshop. Purple, pink, and yellow enhancements can be made in game as bundle jewels are provided in the shop. Seeds and socket items are sold in the shop as well and can be assembled in game.

    New accounts can be created and converted into a full blown character utilizing the following commands and module:

    /change - automatically converts character into 2nd and/or 3rd evolution.
    /mreset - automatically set character into level 400 with default stats.

    Max Master level and points can be set using the web module Clear Master-Skill Tree
    Link: https://mu.nofeara.com/usercp/clearskilltree

    When all the changes has been applied current game accounts will be refreshed to start again with the new setting.

    Guides and update changes will be provided in our forums.

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